April 15, 2009

Why will WCF client be disconnected after the connection idles for a long time?

The default receive timeout is 10 minutes, so WCF client will be disconnected after the idle time exceeded that limitation. What can I do if the connection needs to be kept alive?

Solution #1 - Server provides a dummy operation for client calls it regularly to let it not idle.

Solution #2 - Enable reliableSession and set receiveTimeout and inactivityTimeout to "infinite" in both the client and server.

The configuration snippet may like the following:

      <binding name="WSHttpBinding" receiveTimeout="infinite">
        <reliableSession inactivityTimeout="infinite" enabled="true" />

You can get more detail explanation in the following reference link.

Reference in MSDN:
Binding.ReceiveTimeout Property

Reference in Paulo Reichert's Blog
WCF Reliable Sessions Puzzle