January 01, 2009

How to get the last modified date of a file in C++?

On Win32 platform, you can get the attribute information of a file easily by just calling GetFileAttributesEx().
The information you got includes creation time, last access time, and last write time (last modified date).

Windows API:

BOOL WINAPI GetFileAttributesEx(
  __in   LPCTSTR lpFileName,
  __in   GET_FILEEX_INFO_LEVELS fInfoLevelId,
  __out  LPVOID lpFileInformation

Sample Code:

WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA fileAttrData = {0};
GetFileAttributesExW(L"C:\\abc.txt, GetFileExInfoStandard, &fileAttrData);
// GetFileAttributesExA for non-unicode

FILETIME ftLastModifiedDate = fileAttrData.ftLastWriteTime;

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